Monday, 12 July 2010

Grumpy archive_10july12

Arnie Ginsburg - Pal Mal Rock
Beverly & The Motor Scooters - I Had To Walk Home Myself
Bill Haley Y Sus Cometas - Mish Mash
Bobbie & The Boys - To Tell The Truth
Budd Brothers - My Son John
Cappy Bianco - The Cat
Captain Australia & His Mate Down Under - Skylab Fragment
Charlie Gray - Wastin' Time
Chuck 'Fingers' Hess - Mother's Day In Heaven
Chuck Hess - Pony Boy Rock
Cindi Prince - Baby Sitter
Connie Little - Billy
Cook Brothers - Juke Box Play For Me
Don Stock - Modernization
Donna Butterworth - Sugar Kisses
Ed Curry - Ya' Gotta Give Love A Try
Frank Scott - Walkin' Up Four Flights Of Stairs
Franny & The Fireballs - Hail, Hail Rock & Roll
Franny & The Fireballs - Rock 'N' Roll Night
Franny & The Fireballs - The Girl In The Teddyboy Coat
Ginger Davis & The Snaps - Laughing
Glee Davis - Wait For Me To Grow Up
Gloria Dennis - Richie
J. Leslie McFarland - Let The Good Times Roll, Creole
Jack Day - Rattle Bone Boogie
Jaynetts - Bongo Bobby
Jeanne Hayes - (He Fell In Love With Me) When My Pimples Turned To Dimples
Jeanne Hayes - Somebody Else's Dandruff (On My Lover-Baby's Shirt)
Jeanne Hayes - The Biggest Mouth In Town
Jeri Lynn Sands - Steady Freddy
Jesse Rogers - You Can't Hang That Monkey On My Back
Jimmy DeKnight - Rock Around The Clock
Jimmy Sturr - In Heaven There Is No Beer
Jo (Of Judy & Jo) - Don't Wanna Be Another Good Luck Charm
Joey Santo - Aint'cha
Joey Welz - You Changed
Josephine Sunday - You Won't Even Know Her Name
Judi Miller - Wait, Johnny For Me
Judy (Of Judy & Jo) - She Can Have You
Judy Brown - First Day Of School
Katherine & The Firebyrds - You Better Move On
Kathy Jay - I Want A Fella (For My Beach Umbrella)
Kay Gramm & The Bandettes - Cross My Heart
Keefer Sisters - Comin' On
Keefer Sisters - Wee Willie Waterdilly
Kitty Ford - I Love You, Conrad
Leisha Brodie - Cross My Heart
Linda Brannon - Funny Face
Linda Laine & The Sinners - After Today
Lisa Anders - Space Monkey
Lori Allison - Save Your Kisses
Louise Lovett - Eatin' Cold French Fries & Drinking A Luke Warm Coke
Matys Brothers - Sweet Sixteen
Merri-Men - Big Daddy
Mike Curb - You Won't Even Know His Name
Mona Thomas - Just In Between
Patty McCormick - The Boy With The Lonely Smile
Pete Shrayder - Tommy Loves You
Polish American String Band - Hey Krajewski
Renee Medina - He's A Big Deal
Roberta Lean - Thank You
Rock-A-Bouts - She's A Fat Girl
Rudy Pompilli - Rude The Dude
Susan Lynne - Just A Number
Techniques - Moon Tan
Techniques - The Wisest Man You Know
Three Stooges - The Alphabet Song
Tracey Twins - Kissin' Diploma
Tyrones - Street Of Memories
Virtues - Pony Walk

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  1. What is the original label & number (and year) for the Kathy Jay selection "I Want A Fella (For My Beach Umbrella)".
    Thanks in advance,

  2. I'll have a double! What a list!