Friday, 16 July 2010

Grumpy archive_10july16

Anna King - The Big Change
Arabians - Today I Kissed My New Love
Beat Boys - Third Time Lucky
Bobby Parris - Night Owl
Four Sights - Love Is A Hurting Game
Half-Tones - Turnaround
Hellions - Tomorrow Never Comes
Hep Stars - Kana Kapila
High Rollers - Aardvark Walk
Hunters - How's M' Chicks
Jim Burgett - Jekyll & Hyde
Jimmy Winston & His Reflections - It's Not What You Do
John Carter & Terry Kennedy - It's Your Turn To Cry
Little Gigi - Take The Bitter With The Sweet
Lonnie Russ - My Wife Can't Cook
Maggie Bell - Hazell
Mary 'Perpetual' Langley - Two by Two
Morning After - Things You Do
Richard Kerr - The Family Way
Robbs - Bittersweet
Shirley J. Scott - Goose Pimples
Shy Guys - We Gotta Go
Silverbeats - If You Tell Me
Singing Postman - Who's That Little Ow Boy
Sounds Inc. - Taboo
St. Cecelia - C'mon Ma, Burn Your Bra
Teddy Boys - Mona
Troggs - Yella In Me
Vacels - You're My Baby (And Don't You Forget It)
Viscounts - That Stranger
Wynona Carr - Please Mr. Jailor

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  1. I know the Troggs and maybe Wynona Carr but that's about it. Thank you again and again!