Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Grumpy archive_10july14

Anarchic System - Royal Summer
Blue Men - Love Dance Of The Saroos
Bruce Marvello & The Red Coats - Teenage Broken Heart
Carole Forrest - My Girlfriend Asked Me
Chevlons - Too Long Alone
Clique - Wormin' (Sookie Sookie)
Comedy Players - The Night I Chased The Women With An Eel
Dave Berry & The Sponge - Huma Lama
Faine Jade - It Ain't True
Frays - Keep Me Covered
Johnny Carr & The Cadilacs - Do You Love Her
Lawson & Four More - Birdman
Little Mr. Lee & The Cherokees - Young Lover
Liverbirds - Hands Off
Long Tall Marvin - Have Mercy Miss Percy
Marquis Of Kensington - Flash
Mary Swan - My Girl Friend Betty
Mavis Rivers - Footsteps Of A Fool
Minors - Jerry
Pyramids - Playing Games
Rivals - Rigetty Tick
Rockmasters - Raining Teardrops
Roger Wayne & The Clic - Ballad Of Sarah Lee
Runaways - Teenage Style
Selofane - Chase The Face
Shantones - Come To Me
Sir Isaac & The Do-Dads - Blue Groove
Teddy Boys - Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Terry Judge & The Barristers - Waiting For The Night To Come
Tony Galla - In Love

Lawson & Four More - Birdman should be Lawson & Four More - Back For More

File about 70MB.
Pass is the name of the file (without '.rar') !


  1. Hi!Nice work!what is the password for this?

  2. Comedy Players - The Night I Chased The Women With An Eel! HAHAHAHAHAH
    P.S. Liverbirds: I have those! And it's just about cocktail time!