Saturday, 10 July 2010

Grumpy archive_10july10

Beat Farmers - Happy Boy
Bobby Ross - Lips Are Redder On You
Clay Fulton & The Cindells - Wishing Well
Cosines - Ask Me Why
Danny & The Juniors - Twistin' England
Era Of Sound - Girl In The Mini Skirt
Gary & Jan - Do You Want Me To Tell Him
Gerry Temple - Since You Went Away
Hangmen - What A Girl Can't Do
Jerry Dyke - When My Heart Speaks
Joe Wallace - Leopard Man
Johnny Gentle - Wendy
Josephine XIII - Down On The Funny Farm
Ken Morris - Copper Knob
Lancelot Link & The Evolution Revolution - Vibrations
Lloyd's World - Brass Bird
Mike Finnigan & The Surfs - Bread & Water
Mystery Gang - My Baby's Got An Automobile
Onyx - Tamaris Khan
Puddin' Heads - Now You Say We're Through
Rotary Connection - Turn Me On
Scott Brothers - Lost Love
Sue Lynne - Reach For The Moon
Susan King - You Got Me In A Fix
Susan Maughan - I Remember Loving Someone
Sweetcorn - Catch Me, Catch Me
Takers - If You Don't Come Back
Tamrons - Wild Man
Tonight - Drummer Man
Wayne Raney - Pan American Boogie
Wheely McSidewalk & The Ball Bearings - Memphis Beat
Wyndham - September In The Rain

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  1. thanks for the Gerry Temple

  2. Wheely McSidewalk & The Ball Bearings!