Sunday, 29 August 2010

Grumpy archive_10aug29

Andrews Sisters - Bella Bella Marie
Barons - (I Just Go) Wild Inside
Big Ric - Take Away
Blues Project - You Go, I'll Go With You (Live)
California - I Can Hear Music
Daisy Dillman Band - Border Bound
Dave Cartwright - My Delicate Skin (Vinyl)
Dick Emery - You Are Awful (But I Like You)
Donnie & Diane - Hot Rod Weekend
Earl Royce & The Olympics - Guess Things Happen That Way
English Congregation - Jesahel
Frank Weir & His Saxophone & Orchestra (Voc. Maureen Childs) - The Little Shoemaker
Goodies - The In Betweenies
Henry Thomas - Bull Doze Blues
Jerry Jackson - Shrimp Boats
Johnny & The Hurricanes - Red River Rock '67
June August - Plaid Sneakers
Lita Roza - It's A Boy
Little Joe & The Thrillers - I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
Merle Haggard - I Didn't Mean To Love You
Moe Bandy - He's Taking My Place At Your Place
Nazareth - Friends
Orpheus - My Life
Pat Boone - Angel On My Shoulder
Peter Sellers - My Old Dutch
Profile - Politician Man
Sandmen - When I Grow Too Old To Dream
Ten Feet Five - Baby's Back In Town
Vibrants - Something About You Baby

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  1. How on Earth do you find some of this stuff? Thanks a lot.

  2. JB, it's not "how on earth" but "where on earth".... lol.