Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Grumpy archive_10april21

Bo Diddley - Hey Good Lookin'
Bonnie Guitar - Dark Moon
Carson Robison - Wait For The Wagon
Dr. Feelgood & The Interns - Doctor Feel-Good
Farlan Myers & The Goofers - Theme From Our Miss Brooks (Whistling Bells)
Four Uniques - Endlessly
Gil Fields & The Fraternity Brothers - Topolino
Ian Matthews - Darkness, Darkness
Jackie Edwards - L-O-V-E
Jean Thomas - He's So Near (Yet So Far Away)
Jets - Pied Piper
Jimmie Rodgers - I'll Never Stand In Your Way
Johnny Rodriguez - Love And Honor
Keith Powell & Billie Davis - Swingin' Tight
Lace - People, People
Linda Scott - Let Fall In Love
Link Wray - She's That Kind Of Woman
Magnet - Something To Remember Me By
MC5 - I Can Only Give You Everything
Mystic Moods Orchestra - Sensuous Woman
Natalie Cole - Joey
Peaches & Herb - It's Just A Game, Love
Razzy Bailey - Keepin' Rosie Proud Of Me
Reparata & Delrons - I Found My Place
Richard Hayman & His Orchestra - Off Shore
Slade - Rock 'N' Roll Bolero
Swinging Blue Jeans - Rainbow Morning
Tyrone Davis - If I Didn't Love You (Vinyl)
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Can't Live With You (Can't Live Without You)

File about 70MB.
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  1. So wonderful, thank you very much