Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Grumpy archive_10april20

Andy Williams - Don't You Believe It
Anita Kerr Singers - A Rose & A Baby Ruth
Barbara & Brenda - One More Chance
Benny Goodman & His Orchestra - Sweet Leilani
Billy Adams & The Rock-A-Teers - Blue Eyed Ella
Bobby Darin - Dream Lover
Bobby Vee - In & Out Of Love
Brownsville Station - Do The Bosco
Candlewick Green - Every Day Of My Life
Chuck Berry - Ramblin' Rose
Conway Twitty - The Hurt In My Heart
Eagles - Come On Baby (To The Floral Dance)
Ferlin Husky - Waterloo
Four Jacks & A Jill - Inky Dinky Spider
Fruit Machine - Cuddly Toy
Herman's Hermits - Je Suis Anglais (L'Autre Jour)
Hugo Winterhalter - Song Of The Barefoot Contessa
Jan Burnette - The Boy I Used To Know
Julie Felix - I Can't Touch The Sun
Julie Rogers - Almost Close To You
Karol Keyes - A Fool In Love
Larry Trider - I'm Comin' Home
Lettermen - Allentown Jail
Linda Jean - Spider & The Fly
Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson - Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries
Powerhouse - Raindrops
Sapphires - Gotta Be More Than Friends
Teresa Brewer - He Understands Me
Terry Black - Bad To Me
Three Suns - Moonlight & Roses (Bring Memories Of You)
Tony Worsley - Velvet Waters
Walkers - Rumour At The Honky Tonk

File about 70MB.
Pass is the name of the file (without '.rar') !


  1. So wonderful, thank you very much

  2. ps what I also appreciated was the egg-hunt to work out the password! Spot on Grumps.

  3. Herman's Mernits in French! Sacre bleu!