Monday, 15 November 2010

No more updates of the archiveblog

The re-aranging of Grumpy's Golden Oldies seems to work well.
1) The downloadpage can hold text for years
2) Linking to Mediafire works fast
3) Downloading from Mediafire is fast and reliable

So there's no need to update over here the archives anymore.

Have fun anyone !

Jean Dupree


  1. Hello Jean Dupree. My name is Rodrigo. I follow and your precious blog. I'm from Brazil.
    I'm looking for this song: "The Lancers - A man is as good as his word".
    Thank you very much!

  2. Hello Jean,
    Happy New Year ...!
    Just found your blog 28-Dec-20009 ... linked from Grumpy's Goldhunt!
    Thank you! Thank you! for the greatest music of memories!

    Phillip, From Australia

  3. @Rodrigo and others
    requests have to be made at Grumpy's....

  4. A tremendous resource.
    Kudos to all involved!
    I've enjoyed several downloads and toasted their melodies and those who shared them, with an occasional pint.
    Good health, long life and sincere thanks.

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