Saturday, 17 April 2010

Grumpy archive_10april17

Adam West - You Only See Her
Austin Roberts - The Last Thing On My Mind
B.B. King - Don't Change On Me
Barry Mann - When You Get Right Down To It
Dennis Lambert - Somebody Found Her (Before I Lost Her)
Dinah Shore & Johnny Prophet - Wunderbar
Donnie Elbert - Don't Cry My Love
Eagles - Andorra
Eire Apparent - Follow Me
Gordon MacRae - And This Is My Beloved
J. Vincent Edwards - Wonderland
Jimmy Clanton - Cindy
Judith Durham - Memories
Leon Peels & The Bluejays - Alice From Above
Lou Monte - Somewhere There Is Someone
Mark Peters & The Silhouettes - Cindy's Gonna Cry
Mitchell Torok - What's Behind The Strange Door
Ocean - Make The Sun Shine
Patti Lynn - Johnny Angel
Raeletts - One Hurt Deserves Another
Rita Hayworth & Jose Ferrer - The Heat's On
Roger Miller - Got 2 Again
Roger Miller - Less Of Me
Searchers - Goodnight Baby
Simon Scott & The All Nite Workers - Tell Him I'm Not Home
Stella Johnson - The Ways Of Love
Toe Fat - Brand New Band
Trini Lopez - Ballad Of The Dirty Dozen
Two Of Each - Summer Of Our Love
Vaughn Monroe & Marilyn Duke - The Trolley Song

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  1. So wonderful, thank you very much

  2. Adam West - You Only See Her - ? Batman Adam West? Did I already ask this?