Monday, 19 October 2009

Grumpy archive_09october19

1984 - This Little Boy
50 Guitars Of Tommy Garrett - My Cup Runneth Over
Adam Faith - Don't You Dig This Kind Of Beat
Avons - Someone For Everyone
B. J. Thomas - Billy & Sue
Bill Farrell & The Russ Case Orchestra - It Isn't Fair
Carmela Rosella & The Palais Royales - Oh! It Was Elvis
Don, Dick & Jimmy - That's What I Like
Donnie Elbert - That's If You Love Me
Family - Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens
Fats Domino - Sally Was A Good Old Girl
Gidian & Chris Lamb & The Universals - Feeling
Gogi Grant - Strange Are The Ways Of Love
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - The Rising Tide
Hutch Davie & His Honky Tonkers - Woodchopper's Ball
Jimmy Edwards - I've Never Seen A Straight Banana
Joe Clay - Get On The Right Track
Johnny Nash - Lovey Dovey
Jordan Brothers - Heart
June Valli - The Wedding
Lee Andrews & The Hearts - Long Lonely Nights
Mike Stuart Span - Come On Over To Our Place
Nervous Norvus - Ape Call
One In A Million - Use Your Imagination
Pat Boone - Mister Moon
Ral Donner - She's Everything
Rose Garden - Next Plane To London (Better Copy)
Skyliners - It Happened Today (Better Copy)
Syn - Flowerman
Windsor Davies & Don Estelle - Cool Water
Young Canadians - Joker
Young Hearts - Oh, I'll Never Be The Same

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  1. Very grateful much appreciate your time and extra effort

  2. What that guy above said... and where else am I gonna find "Ape Call" by Nervous Norvus? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA