Friday, 22 May 2009

Grumpy archive_09may22

Appalachians - Look Away
Arthur Lymon Group - Love For Sale
Bill Pursell - Our Winter Love
Bobby Helms - No Other Baby
Bobby Lord - Life Can Have Meaning
Charlie Byrd - Moon River
Child - When You Walk In The Room
Classics IV - Every Day With You Girl
Cliff Nobles - This Feeling Of Loneliness
Collins Kids - Young Heart
Damita Jo - When You Dance
Diamonds - Land Of Beauty
Diamonds - Passion Flower
Dick Lee - Oh Mein Papa
Flanagan & Allen - Wanderer
Fourmyula - Forever
Frank Sinatra - London By Night (Reprise Recording)
Freddy Cannon - The Laughing Song
James Darren - Mighty Pretty Territory
Jess Conrad - Tempted
Jimmie Rodgers - Wistful Willie
Joanie Sommers - One Boy
Kay Kyser Orchestra (Voc. Harry Babbitt & Trudy Irwin) - Who Wouldn't Love You
Lou Busch & His Orchestra & Chorus - 11th Hour Melody
Love Story - Neanderthal Man
New Colony Six - Love You So Much
Reparata & The Delrons - Walking In The Rain
Spencer Davis Group - She Put The Hurt On Me
Sue Thompson - Have A Good Time
Sunnysiders - Hey Mr. Banjo
Thee Prophets - Playgirl

File 70MB.
Pass is the name of the file !

Please give a simple comment if you download this file so we know if it's worth our extra effort.


  1. Hans,bedankt
    Deze ontbrak nog in mijn verzameling van Grumpy

  2. Can someone help me with the password.What must i type to became the right password?

  3. Pass is the name of the file )without the extension 'rar').

  4. George in Orpington11 July 2009 at 23:57

    Thanks for the facility but the restrictions imposed on download speed and limits make the whole thing pointlessly annoying. At least it teaches you not to miss Grumpy's when he loads them!

  5. Downloadspeed low ? Rapidshare is very fast ! As is MegaUpload, as is.....
    Limits ? Ahh, if someone is a "free user". Yes free. One can also pay for an account.
    Thanks for the comment though.

  6. "Neanderthal Man" by Love Story? Can't wait!