Saturday, 18 September 2010

Grumpy archive_10sep18

Agitation Free - Pulse
Autumn - Mr. Henry's Lollipop Shop
Brooklyn Bridge - Day Is Done
Chances-R - Talking Out The Back Of My Head
Denvermen - Surfside
Drifters - You Can't Love 'Em All
Eddy Arnold - The Richest Man (In The World)
Fairfield Parlour - I Will Always Feel The Same
Fantasia - Gotta Get Away
Frankie Avalon - Love Letters In The Sand
Frankie Davidson - Lickin' And A-Stickin' (Live)
Golden Fleece - Athens 6 AM
Idols - You Don't Care
Jay & The Techniques - Girl, I Want To Marry You
Jimmy Charles - Little White Mouse Called Steve
John Vincent - Ballad Of John Grey Gorton
June Valli & The Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra - Always, Always
Magic - I Want To Fly
Mantovani - Wonderful Copenhagen
Michael Holm - When A Child Is Born
Narvel Felts - Rocket Ride Stroll
National Pinion Pole - Make Your Mark Little Man
Off Broadway USA - Stay In Time
Patsy - 'Kid' Santa Claus
Peggy Lipton - Wear Your Love Like Heaven
Rolf Harris - Hev Yew Gotta Loight Boy
Sequins - They're Dancing Now
Shadows Of Knight - Willie Jean
Tip Tops - Oo-Kook-A-Boo (Repost, Now Complete Song)
William Tell Taylor - Uh Huh

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  1. Narvel Felts AND National Pinion Pole AND Rolf Harris?!?