Thursday, 19 August 2010

Grumpy archive_10aug19

Atlanta Disco Band - Do What You Feel
Barry Crocker - Please Don't Go
Bob Gaddy - Out Of My Name
Chapter Five - Anything That You Do
David Garrick - Let's Go Somewhere
Foresters - So Shy
Four Pennies - Hockaday (Pt. 1)
Hotel - Half Moon Silver
Jack Jones - A Time For Us
Jim Campbell - The Lights Of Tucson
Keef Hartley Band - Believe In You
Kim Carnes - Abadabadango
Mark Four - Try It Baby
Murmaids - Go Away
Myrna Jay - Savin' My Love
Orioles - Please Sing My Blues Tonight
Rare Earth - Love Shines Down
Ronnie Milsap - Loving You Is A Natural Thing
Shady Wall (AKA Webb Pierce) - The New Raunchy
Ska Kings - Jamaica Ska
Smiley - Penelope
Ten Feet - Got Everything But Love
Teresa Brewer - Music, Music, Music (1973)
Terry Scott - Juanita Banana
Triffids - Lookin' Around
Verdelle Smith - Tar & Cement (Full Version)
Vigrass - Free Lorry Ride
Wynonie Harris - The Deacon Don't Like It
Wynton Kelly - Little Tracy

File about 70MB.
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  1. Amazing. You continue to help me check things off my most-wanted list. Thanks very much.