Saturday, 7 August 2010

Grumpy archive_10aug07

Al Martino - Walking In The Sand
Ames Brothers & The Roy Ross Orchestra - Thirsty For Your Kisses
Butterball - Butterballs (Pt. 1)
Cinnamon - Oh Elaina (Black Sheep Of My Mind)
Daimi - I Ska' Bare Ud A' Klappen (You Deserve Each Other)
Denny Seyton - Just A Kiss
Echoes - Marchin' Thru
Esprit De Corps - You've Taken All That I Can Give
Four Lads - Too Much! Baby Baby!
Frankie Avalon - Come Fly With Me
Frankie Avalon - My Ex-Best Friend
Frankie Avalon - You Were Meant For Me
Gary Crosby - This Little Girl Of Mine
Gazelles - Honest (Released Version)
Gazelles - Honest (Unreleased Version)
Headliners - What Became Of Love
Hollies - Wings
Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Blossoms On The Bough
Jay & The Americans - Capture The Moment
Kim Cordell - We're Having A Gang Bang
Lesley Duncan - I Can See Where I'm Going
Pee Wee Hunt - Coney Island Washboard
Pinetoppers & The Marlin Sisters - My Little Green Parrot
Ralph Marterie - College Man
Road Apples - Holding On
Rockin' Berries - Wah Wah Wah Woo
Ronnie Hilton - The Gift
Rusty Richards - Middle Hand Road
Sue Raney - Parade (A Banda)
Susan Fassbender - Twilight Cafe
Three Graces - My Hero
Vogues - Autumn

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  1. Kim Cordell - We're Having A Gang Bang! No kidding!