Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Grumpy archive_10june01

Ad Libs - Ask Anybody
Antoine - Hallo, Bonjour, Salut
Aretha Franklin & The Dixie Flyers - Spirit In The Dark
Arthur Lyman - Vera Cruz
Barbara Greene - Long Tall Sally
Buckinghams - Never Hurt You Anymore
Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra - This Is My Song
Cyril Stapleton - I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman
Duane Eddy - When I Fall In Love
Ed Ames - Son Of A Traveling Man
Fats Domino - Big Mouth
Fats Domino - Domino Stomp (Twistin' The Stomp)
Four Winds - Colorado Moon
Geoff Goddard - Girl Bride
Hal Derwin - The Old Lamplighter
Harmony Grass - Cecilia
Henry Mancini - Spook
Highwaymen - Whiskey In The Jar
Ink Spots - Keep It Moving
Jesse Lee Turner - Baby Please Don't Tease
Jimmy Beaumont - All Because Of You
Judge Dread - Y Viva Suspenders
Leslie West - Long Red
Lord Rockingham's XI - Fried Onions
Morgana King - On A Slow Boat To China
Other Two - Don't You Want To Love Me Baby
Patti Page - Everything I Have Is Yours
Platters - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
Smoke - Shagalagalu
Sue Thompson - Just Kiss Me

File about 70MB.
Pass is the name of the file (without '.rar') !

Please give a simple comment if you download any file so we know if it's worth our extra effort


  1. Thanks for your efforts

  2. At least you've made one person happy: ME! I've been searching Harmony Grass' version of Cecilia for so long ....... since my original 7" copy "got lost" somewhere in the 70's ....... ;-)
    By the way, I also run a small blog, which contains mainly my very own compilations (all sorts of music): http://schnickschnackmixmax.blogspot.com/

  3. Judge Dread - Y Viva Suspenders