Thursday, 20 May 2010

Grumpy archive_10may20

Baby Washington - I Hate To See You Go
Baskin & Copperfield - The Long And Winding Road
Bobby Vinton - Graduation Tears
Carter Rays - Bless You
Clique - We Didn't Kiss, Didn't Love But Now We Do
Daryl Quist - Thanks To You
Donna Loren - Dream World
Driftwood - Come Into The Warm
Fairies - Don't Think Twice It's Alright
Five Keys - Gee Whittakers
Foresters - Sometimes When You're Lonely
Graham Bond Organization - Long Tall Shorty
Groop - Annabelle Lee
Highlights - One Night With You
Jack Jones - Spinning Wheel
Karl Hammel Jr. - Summer Souvenirs
Lesley Duncan - Lullaby
Linda Laurie & Glen Stuart Orchestra - Lazy Love
Mel Torme - Yes, Indeed
New Vaudeville Band - Diana Goodbye
One, Two & Three - Black Pearl
Pilot - Call Me Round
Quincy Jones - Money Runner
Ray Anthony - Goodbye My Love (Il Silenzio)
Ricky Nelson - Teenage Doll
Russ Carlyle - Stashu Pandowski
Solomon Burke - Love's Street And Fool's Road
Spinners - Painted Magic
Standells - Rari
Tom Sullivan - Yes, I'm Ready
Tyrones - Bring Back
Whistling Jack Smith - Hey There Little Miss Mary

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