Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Grumpy archive_10may12

Adam Mike & Tim - Wedding Day
Castells - Oh! What It Seemed To Be
Chuck Berry - Mum's The Word
Cleo Laine - You Gotta Have Love
Donny Gerrard - Don't Let It Mess Your Mind
Ernie Sigley - Hey Paula (With Denise Drysdale)
Fats Domino - I Don't Want To Walk Without You
Frank Weir & Maureen Childs - Never Never Land
Gene Pitney - Blue Angel
George Moody - Bring A Little Sunshine
Gerry Marsden - Every Little Minute
Howie Post - Tom Swift
Jackie Wilson - Ask
Johnny Mendell - Pretty Little Rita
Johnny Nash - A Thousand Miles Away
Johnston Brothers - The Bandit
Jos%e9 Feliciano - For Sentimental Reasons
June Valli - Crying In The Chapel
Larry Cunningham & The Mighty Avons - Fool's Paradise
Legend - Portrait Of Youth
Lena Horne - New-Fangled Tango
Little Johnny Taylor - All I Want Is You
Maria Dallas - I Love Your Kind Of Loving
Paul Thornton - I'm Your Rebel (Answer To He's A Rebel)
Peter Adler - Love & Not Hate
Peter Noone - Oh You Pretty Things
Reuben Howell - Rings
Robert Wagner - So Young
Roy Perkins & The Monitors - You're Gone
Second City Sound - The Dream Of Olwen
Sugarloaf - Stars In My Eyes

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