Friday, 30 April 2010

Grumpy archive_10april30

Adam Faith - I Ran All The Way Home
Andrea Carroll - Sally Fool
Appalachians - Bony Moronie
Avons - I Wanna Do It
Betty Madigan - Dance Everyone Dance
Caretaker - Get Off My Tulips
Coronets - I Love You More
Cowboy Copas - White Christmas
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - What's Happening
Dave Edmunds - Do You Wanna Dance
Don Randi - Spanish Harlem
Fleetwoods - Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby
Heron - Take Me Back Home
Impossibles - Paint Me A Pretty Picture
Johnny Mac & The Starrliners - Pink Champagne & A Room Full Of Roses
Kay Armen - Ha Ha Ha (Chella Lla)
Ken Dodd - Broken Hearted
Kids Next Door - Inky Dinky Spider (The Spider Song)
Kingston Trio - En El Agua (Maria Christina)
Lost Souls - Artificial Rose
Mark IV - Dante's Inferno
Marty Gold - The Texan
Marty Wilde - No! Dance With Me
Moments - I Can't Help It
Mudlarks - Waterloo
Peanut - Come Tomorrow
Procol Harum - Robert's Box
Ross Hannaman - I'll Give All My Love To Southend
Shields - I'm Sorry Now
Stacey Ames - Calendar Boy
Steve Benbow - The Man Who Invented Beer
T. Rex - One Inch Rock
Toni & Jan Arden - Blow Out The Candle

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  1. So wonderful, thank you very much

  2. Crazy World Of Arthur Brown!