Thursday, 3 December 2009

Grumpy archive_09december03

Adam Faith - Come To Me
Arthur Conley - Wholesale Love
Beeds - You're Wrong
Buddy Burke & The Canadian Meteors - That Big Old Moon
Buddy Kaye Quintet - Thoughtless
Buffalo Springfield - Expecting To Fly
Champ Butler - Kaw-Liga
Cheetahs - Goodbye Baby
Cockneys - After Tomorrow
Daniel Boone - Annabelle
Dee Dee Warwick - Ring Of Bright Water
Dick D'Agostin - Nancy Lynne
Doris Day - Everybody Loves A Lover
Four Sportsmen - Surrender
Frank Sinatra - Three Little Words
Frank Sinatra - A Garden In The Rain
Gary O'Shannon Group - The Barrel Organ
George Hamilton - Don't Envy Me
Human Instinct - Can't Stop Around
Jo Stafford - No Other Love
Little Richard - He's Not Just A Soldier
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Bouillabaisse
Marie & Rex - I Can't Sit Down
Mauds - Soul Drippin'
Richie Allen - Ballad Of The Surf
Road Home - Keep It In The Family
Shirelles - I'll Do The Same Thing Too
Tin Tin - Come On Over Again
Tony Bellus - Pretty Baby
Tracey Dey - Here Comes The Boy
Wee Willie Harris - Listen To The River Roll Along

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  1. Beeds? Daniel Boone? George Hamilton? THE George Hamilton?