Sunday, 1 January 2012

Grumpy's Golden Oldies archive blog

Due to the many requests on Grumpy's Golden Oldies the found results disappear quite fast.
This blog-archive is made available to you to last the results a little bit longer, although not indefinite. The info-results will stay on this archive blog but the links itself will be deleted after awhile.

Just click the Rapidshare link and download the file. The pass is always the filename (without the extention "rar"). .

Please give a simple comment if you download a file so we know it's worth our extra effort. You may comment, but please only at the posting itself (so not at this posting !).
If you have remarks/suggestions let us know !


  1. This is a great idea - thanks a lot.

    I try to visit Grumpy each week but often the problems of everyday non-music life get in the way !

    1. Glad to see this blog is still active.

  2. I like the pack of cigarettes !

  3. Grumpy is great,
    but you're not far away from it

  4. nice one Grumpy soulboy spain

  5. I just knew you could not keep a good man down.

    Just re-found your web pages and am now trying to catch up a whole year. Too bad you did leave all of the older stuff up ( from 2006, 2007, 2008 )

    So Far only one problem, file Grumpy_090408.rar is not working.

  6. We made a new link. Thanks for noticing !

  7. Jean:

    What is the password for the May 8, 2009 file w/ The Applejacks? I cannot open it to save my life.


  8. To all who read this.
    Please only remarks/questions at the next post "archive questions" !

  9. I've downloaded several files from this site over the last couple of days--I'm very glad somebody's making this obscure, out of print stuff available to those of us who dig it. Thanks very much for your efforts.

  10. The link for 090208 does not work. Could you please repost it. Thank you very much. I'm loving finding and listening to these old hits.